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Jon Curtis

Jon Curtis

Jon Curtis is spraying out decent dance vibes at a rapid rate.
People got a proper hard-on over his track ‘Driven’, and the next slice ‘What You Know’ has us bubbling at a heavy level.

If I was hosting a UK hyper-dance X Factor ( firstly I would be Simon cause no other fucker matters) I’d fix stuff to make sure Curtis was in my group (just like Simon does) give him the best venues, the best equipment, and watch the audience bounce like silly-putty when he kicks off a set with ‘Driven’. The phonelines would be ringing off the hook.

There’s an element of 2010 relevance to these sounds, stuff we know is happening and that is bound to explode a whole lot bigger: uk funky breaking prime time slots, soca influencing commercial sounds, reggae basics being pummelled by harsh basslines and fractured samples – there’s a whole lot to come.

Anyway, at some point in this story Curtis switches on some Jedward Skank and comes second after Stacey – who can beat a donkey in a dress afterall.

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Jon Curtis – What You Know

Jon Curtis – Driven

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