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It all started with a happy hardcore mixtape a young DJ handed him. A few years later, now 11 years ago, Ferdee started DJ’ing at parties and producing Jungle and Trance. The passion for production took over and he fell in love with the variety of expression electronic music provides. This tempted him to move between scenes and experiment fusing ideas. Raves and parties lead Ferdee from Hard house to Skullstep, where he learnt mad skills in the architecture of noise.
On the path to becoming a virtuoso of computer mathematics and all partied out, he decided to expand into producing for artists. Honing the skills necessary to work in recording studios and with a larger variety of musicians and styles. Spent the past few years working with artists producing and songwriting everything from Dancehall to Neosoul to¬† Rap to crazy Electro-punk. Now he’s back experimenting with solo projects with a lot more tasty treats to come.



Ferdee feat Cally P – Be Like Elvis

Ferdee feat Cally P – Be Like Elvis (Club Mix)

Ferdee feat Miss Dejavu – Tick Tick

Ferdee feat Miss Dejavu – Tick Tick (Club Mix)

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